Make every answer in your next interview socially sharable

Are you an expert in a topic or have an opportunity to chat to someone who is? Why not use a live event to document that exchange while engaging your audience? It’s also a great opportunity to use your existing content (photos, videos, white papers, etc.) on the topic and promote your social properties.

Set up

Choose a date and set up a Q&A or live discussion, promote it through your regular channels (email, social, etc.). Set up email notifications for your event, allowing those who sign up to receive email notifications once the event goes live. They can also submit questions ahead of time through comments or a custom email we provide you with.


Love social? Why not create a custom hashtag and pull in questions through Twitter? (Done automatically through our system). You audience can promote your event through Facebook & Twitter with our easy social sharing capability, or they can share their favorite answers individually!


When the time comes for your Q&A simply ask your expert to add an avatar and auto-approve them as a commentator, allowing them to answer questions through the front end — no training required! Or you can add them as a guest writer. Or you can simply transcribe what they’re saying if you’re in the same room or conversing through Skype.

Promote your existing content

How can you promote your current white papers, articles, videos, etc? Questions for your Q&A are chosen by the audience and by you, choose questions that you have supporting content for. For example, if someone asks me in a Q&A how live events can be used to enhance the second screen experience, I can answer it, but I can also embed my CEO’s presentation on second screen and real-time storytelling.

Not only am I answering their question, I am linking them to my site, promoting my social media properties, and my CEO.

Here are some of my favorite examples of Q&A and live discussions:

Want to make your next interview or Q&A more engaging and popular? Sign up for a free trial and get started now. If you have any questions or suggestions on how to use our platform for your content marketing efforts please leave a comment or tweet us at @scribblelive.


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